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Welcome to On Call Medic

This is your “One Stop” for all your health and safety needs, from Covid 19 Compliance Officers, Set Medics, Lifeguards, to CPR and First Aid Instruction. We have it all at prices to fit every budget without sacrificing our superior award winning services.  We are now available in all 50 States.  I did say “One Stop”, didn’t I?

Covid Compliance

With over 25 years of health and safety experience (working with SAG, DGA, CDC and FDA) we have both the experience and knowledge to help with all your Covid needs. We are also on the forefront of innovation and technology for your safety and compliance.

Set Medic

We provide a higher level of Union and Non Union Set Medics. Accident and injury prevention and general health and safety on set is our highest priority.  Advanced medical equipment for quality medical treatment that is confidential and reliable.

On Call Medic / Events

We help all venues strive to be safe and free from potential hazards, while providing risk management before, during, and after the event.  If the unforeseen happens, we are there with advanced medical equipment for quality medical treatment that is of the highest quality, confidential and reliable.

CPR Plus Classes

A new, exciting, and hands-on approach to learning CPR and First Aid that leads to a more confident and self-assured student that will leave you ready to save a life!

Invest in your safety by hiring a professionally trained EMT to aid in: Event Safety, Accident and Injury Prevention, Quality medical services and CPR, First Aid, AED training.

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